Finding Wellness In Your Own Time

With nearly half of pediatric health care providers reporting signs of burnout, self-care is essential. We know that your lives are busy with multiple professional and personal demands, so we’ve curated a selection of tools and resources to help bolster resilience. We’ve grouped them into collections by the amount of time required – from one minute to more than 30 minutes – so that you can choose an activity that fits into your day.


  • WFH Pocket Card

    Learn how to transition from work to home using a pocket card:


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  • Ask yourself these 6 questions

    6 questions to ask yourself today: 



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  • 30 Days of Well-Being

    30 Days of Well-Being


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  • Self-Compassion

    Dr. Joe Sherman talks about the importance of self-compassion for health care providers. For more, try this guided audio self-compassion practice.

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  • Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself

    Look at a wellness checklist, and choose 2-3 options to complete today (you do not need to do them all!)

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  • Professional Quality of Life Measure

    Print a pocket card to keep handy at work. Take 5 minutes to participate in a quick exercise of self-care.

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  • Brief Centering Practice

    Listen to Dr. Joe Sherman as he guides you through a 3-minute Brief Centering Practice.

  • How to Sleep When You Are Anxious

    Watch this short video to learn practical tips for managing anxiety, and reclaiming a good night’s sleep.

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  • Hourglass Meditation

    Dr. Joe Sherman guides you through a 3-minute Hourglass Meditation.



  • Professional Quality of Life Assessment

    Assess your degree of burn-out or physician-related stress (helpful to compare month to month; takes 10 min to complete 30 questions and score)

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  • Expressing Gratitude

    Watch a short clip on gratitude (7 min)

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  • Gratitude Practice

    Dr. Joe Sherman guides you through a 6-minute Gratitude Meditation.

  • Self-Compassion for Medical Providers

    This 8-minute meditation from Dr. Joe Sherman is specifically for medical providers.

  • Learn Qi Gong Basics

    Dr. Joe Sherman teaches basic Qi Gong movements. 8 minutes. See also What is Qi Gong?

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  • Qi Gong for Medical Providers

    Dr. Joe Sherman leads you through a short Qi Gong practice for medical providers. See also Qi Gong Practice.

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  • The Neuroscience of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Compassion

    In times of stress, anxiety, and isolation finding effective strategies to understand our emotions and how we relate to the world at large often brings comfort. Mindfulness, meditation, and compassion have long been championed as helpful strategies but how do they impact our well being, if at all? Fadel Zeidan joins William Mobley to discuss his work applying scientific methods to these practices to quantify and discover how and why they work.

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Headspace Mobile App

Specifically for mindfulness meditation practice. Great for beginners. Cost is $12.99/month after free version.

Current offer of free subscription for healthcare professionals with NPI number and email address.

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Calm Mobile App

Similar to Headspace, but with wider variety of content and female U.S. accent narration. Cost after free version is $12.99/month.

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Insight Timer Mobile App

Lots of meditations, courses, videos, reflections by well-known teachers. You can also track your progress and it has a great timer feature. Free version is great. Can also subscribe for “Plus” version for $59/year.

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